About the art

- What it is I do -

Because of my interest in fairy tales, myths and legends, much of my work is related to 'fantasy'. But my portfolio is more extensive than that - I also make illustations for children's books, paint book covers, draw cartoons and I make archeological and historical impressions.

I have also been active in game design. I have created the art work and the design of the award winning historical boardgame 'Kraków 1325 AD'.

- Layout and Design -

My involvement in the creation of ‘Kraków 1325 AD’ has provided me with the necessairy skill and experience in visual design that has been very usefull in many other project, such as doing the layout for book covers and posters, creating logo´s and designing whishing cards. For me personally designing is not a different trade but it flows quite naturally from the creative process of drawing and painting. I have always been involved in, for example, creating fonts and decorative bands of celtic knotwork - which helps develloping a sense for building up balanced compositions.



Melchior van Rijn - drawer and illustrator



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