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- Draw and observe -

First and foremost I am a drawer. Pencil and eraser are probably my favorite utensils. Whether I finish a piece of art in water colour, acrylics or any other material - for me a good drawing lays the foundation for good art. In it I try to capture the essence, and in the process I try to pay a lot of attention to details and atmosphere.

I have been active as an independant illustator since 2007, but I have been drwaing since I was very little. Especially by using my eyes I have been able to train myself as an artist. Observing other artists and their work taught me to look critically at myself and my art, thus enabling me to improve my skill over the years. My degree in History of Art (University of Leiden) was very helpful in introducing me to a wide variety of good artwork - as did the great piles of comic books I used to devour as a child - to name but a few sources of inspiration.

Much of my work is related to fantasy. That is probably a result of my fascination of fairy - and folk tales I´ve been absorbing since my younger years. Later I got into Tolkien and through him I came into contact with ancient myths and legends like the Beowulf, the Edda or the Mabinogion. A big source of inspiration, as are the many artists who have brought these old sories to life in their art.

Melchior van Rijn - drawer and illustrator



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